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Dictionary of Financial Terms - Q

Qualifying Policy
A life insurance policy which has been certified by the Inland Revenue as complying with the 'Qualifying Policy Regulations'. Proceeds on maturity or death will not give rise to a tax charge.

Qualifying Service
The period for which an employee must be employed by a company before becoming eligible to join a group scheme. Also refers to the service to be taken into account to entitle a member of a pension scheme to 'short service benefit'.

Most UK funds are grouped into specific sectors as defined by AUTIF, with each sector being divided into four quarters or quartiles. The midway point is known as the median; all funds want to see their performance stay above the median but the real target is to be consistently in the top quartile (i.e. the top 25% of all funds in that particular sector). To use a soccer analogy, The top quartile is like being in the premiership and is the place to be.

The illustration provided to show the costs of insurance cover. The quotation document forms the basis of a new contract or the renewal of an existing one. It contains details of the conditions, benefits, caveats and premiums for the policy.

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